Third Class

Band Name

Third Class

Band Members

Lee Boyle Pepe Parish Jack Boyle.


Youngstown, Ohio

 A Few Words

“overall theme is childhood” -Cleveland Scene “new and original music” -Valley 24 “get your indie pop funk on” -Indie Monster “local heroes” -The Planet Pluto “brave and fiercely original” -The Walruss “soulful and melodic” -The Jambar “talented small band” -The Morning Journal “high-minded values” -Jambrain “driving lyrics…syncopated rhythms” -The Wooster Voice “DIY passionate diehards” -Trib Today “an innovative trio” -Robotique Records “accessible yet faithful to…progressive rock” -The Vindicator “enjoy and dance…while singing the lyrics” -Limerence “a band of all seasons…of all occassions” -Youngstown Rock


John Lennon, Ben Folds Five, The Clash.


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