How to promote your Music Online


How to promote your Music Online

Today it’s possible to never have a recording contract and make a living on your music. With the influence and massive reach of the World Wide Web you can gain a following of devoted music lovers before you even have to talk to a record executive.

Although this is possible the task is difficult. You have to find the best places on the web to promote your music. You have to bring your best work. You have to convince people that you are the next success.

Here are 20 sites that are the best way to promote your music. Start with these 20 sites. Play out a lot, and with just a little luck and talent it can happen. (Please consider promoting your band for free here on Vote New Music. We are just getting started, but we hope to be on this list some day).


As a band make sure you have a Facebook page, and boosts those posts. Music after all starts at the local level so make sure your friends and family know first. A Facebook page is one of the easiest ways to promote your music. With a little bit of money, a few dollars per day, you can reach a larger audience by boosting your posts. It’s something to try and consider.


Facebook is a good jump off point to have a quick and easy way for people to be notified what’s happening with your music. YouTube is the biggest platform you are going to find for your music. YouTube has the most wondering surfers of any website. People are just clicking around looking for a video or new music, or something funny. It’s a great way to get extra attention. Shoot a good video. Or let a Youtuber use your music for free.


There is no faster way to let fans know what’s happening right now with your band or your music than Twitter. It’s quick and easy, and many people get alerts on their phones. Get an account and start building an audience. Right now.

Apple/Music Itunes

Here is great place to sell your music and possibly find some new listeners. Most musicians use it, and it’s a great practice. is a great and very easy way to gain new listeners. You can add your music to their site, they put you on a play list with other bands like your band. Listeners listen to the playlist and boom they find you.


One of the best places to create a platform for your music is Reverbnation. The site gives you some very nice ways to showcase your music. It has a large following, and a great layout.


Spotify is a great way to put your music out there. It’s one of the largest platforms in the world.


Is another way for you to showcase your music, much like Reverbnation. It also makes your music easy to share and embed.


Yet another place where you can showcase your band. See the trend. The problem with this is that there is no weeding process. These sites are great for showcasing your work. You should post there, people can hear your music there, but it’s difficult to get new fans from some of these sites.

Your own Website

Make sure you have your own site. It’s so difficult to take bands that do not have their own website seriously. It’s one of those things that seems like a small issue, but finding information on a Facebook page or Bandcamp is so difficult. They are great for announcing events, but you want all your information in one place. You want to have fans be able to know you. So make sure you have a bio, information and gigs all on your site, with samples of your music.

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