Katie LaRue

Katie LaRue


Band Members

Katie LaRue-Vocals/Guitar
Dave Holzworth-Bass
Kevin Shannon-Guitar


Mercersburg, Pa


Mumford and Son, Ingrid Michealson,  Adrianne, Garrison Starr, Matt Nathanson

A Few Words

Katie started singing and playing the guitar in 2000, after a serious mountain bike accident. After her accident, she lost the use of her right arm and used her guitar playing as therapy to regain her dexterity. Her songwriting career began later, in 2005. Katie’s musical influences range from folk to classic rock. Her sound is unique but is often compared to Missy Higgins, Ingrid Michaelson, Brandi Carlile or Tracy Chapman, with her strong vocals and solo guitar. Katie has recorded 2 albums, 7 Reasons Why and Little Blue Loveseat.  She is currently working on a third album due out in September. She plays in the North Carolina area and the surrounding area to a strong fan base. She has opened for Adrianne, a current member of the Rescues, Garrison Starr, Bess Rogers, Lelia Broussard, Allison Weiss and Brianna Lane.  Katie is in the studio right now finishing up her third album, On the Bright Side.



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