Katie LaRue

Katie LaRue

Katie started singing and playing the guitar in 2000, after a serious mountain bike accident. After her accident, she lost the use of her right arm and used her guitar playing as therapy to regain her dexterity.
I Fight Dragons

I Fight Dragons

Band Name I Fight Dragons Band Members Brian Mazzaferri Hari Rao Packy Lundholm Chad Van Dahm Hometown Chicago, Illinois A Few Words I Fight Dragons is a pop rock, pop…
Third Class

Third Class

"overall theme is childhood" -Cleveland Scene "new and original music" -Valley 24 "get your indie pop funk on" -Indie Monster "local heroes" -The Planet Pluto "brave and fiercely original" -The

The Retakes

The Retakes are a punk rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fusing the fury of 80's punk rock with the pop sensibilities

Paper Veins

Band Name Paper Veins Band Members Zac Breitbach - Guitar Austin Reising Vocals Lucas Bowers - Drums Alex Phibbs - Bass Guitar Home City and State Norwalk, Ohio Genre Alternative,…


"Because not every band from Akron sounds like the Black Keys. Some, in fact, sound like a female-led Decemberists." - Esquire Magazine Quotes from reviews of our new album, "The Reunion."

Ghosts and Paper Hearts

Have you ever wondered what we become when we die, or perhaps wonder where our loved ones whom have gone before us Linger? Ghosts are all around us searching, seeking us out as much as we search them.

New Tooth

“Three friends blasting original indie rock music in the style of the lazy golden days of the 1990's. Founded in Columbus, Ohio by Danny Solsman, Ian Bates and Zach Inscho. In 2011 they recorded their first EP 'Say Ah.'"

The Clouds

It was started from a jam session called “Miserables“ by Aji Wiweko - guitar (Old School Hard Core band named Empty Message), Agus Marrdian – guitar (Cambridge Revolt ), Aris So – drums (Cambridge Revolt), Adam - bass

Crooked River Blues Band

The Crooked River Blues Band is a modern take on a traditional string band. If you can find us you'll be mesmerized by agile banjos