Black Ladder


Band Members

Shane Lamb- keyboard
Clarence Riley IV- bass
Ray Cardenas- drums


Home City and State

Austin, TX



Indie, Rock



Rush, Yes, Genesis



Black Ladder is a progressive rock trio currently based in Austin, TX. Members include Shane Lamb (keyboard), Clarence Riley, IV (bass), and Ray Cardenas (drums). Coming originally from two separate, disbanded groups, the three met up regularly for casual jam sessions. After much unformulated playing, they found their styles created a unique sound and started structuring their material. The band’s sound developed from a merging of Shane’s classically influenced licks, Clarence’s heavy funk bass lines, and Ray’s crafted rock grooves. In 2010, they recorded in the University of Texas at Austin recording studio, resulting in the Black Ladder EP. From late 2011 to early 2012, after performing regularly in and around the Austin area promoting the EP, Black Ladder went on to record and produce their first full-length, self-titled debut album, which was released April 2012. The band is currently working to promote their current album as well as compiling material for future releases. Black Ladder Album Review: An original and dynamic experience, Black Ladder’s self-titled debut album showcases the group’s wide musical range and songwriting capabilities. From the drum and bass drive of “Through the Tunnel” to the gentle, contemplative melody of “Blue Elegy,” “Black Ladder” offers something for everyone to enjoy. The rhythmic funk groove in “D.K.” is offset by guest artist Dexter Weiss’ soaring saxophone work, while guest Lisa Lamb’s graceful Harp layers add elegance to the symphonic “Kronia.” While it was recorded on a working band’s budget, “Black Ladder” is a lively, well-produced album that is charming, loose and diverse. The album transcends preconceived notions of instrumental music, with compositions that allow listeners to define the music on their own terms.

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