The Womack Family Band

The Womack Family Band – Desvelo

Band Name

The Womack Family Band

Band Members

Noah Heyman
Haley Heyman
Cory Webb
Tony Schaffer


Norwalk, Ohio

A Few Words

Since their debut in 2010 The Womack Family Band has captivated audiences all over the eastern U.S. with their spot on three part vocal harmony, tight musicianship, and old soul songwriting. Calling on the spirit of The Beatles, The Band, Paul Simon, and James Taylor, the Womack Family Band combines the vibe of the 60’s – 70’s songwriter with the roots of American folk, blues, jazz, country, and rock music. “The Womack Family Band (WFB) has revived the spirit of vintage Rock music and introduced it to the grandchildren of Jazz and Folk music…” – IAE Magazine “…the arrangements are dynamic, with instrumentation that invigorates and adds colorful flourish to songs built on a melodious folk foundation; the harmonies swell and captivate…” – Ivan Sheehan, Ohio Authority “The Womack Family Band’s honest and organic approach proves American roots music is alive and well…..a deft mix of American roots, folk, and rock influences…” – Matt Tullis, Cleveland Magazine


The Beatles, Duke Ellington, James Taylor, Django Reinhardt, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, David Byrne, Sara Vaughan, etc.


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The Womack Family Band – Desvelo

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